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Liquid Sugar - S2:E6

"We actually had some internal quality testing that we weren't happy with on our original vape pens. So we, so we held them up for a few months and we've since released them last month. But in doing that and, and trying to drive higher quality, we actually developed a product called liquid sugar and it's really taking sugar, cured, sugar concentrate, um, and melting it into oil. And we find that to really be incredible." Chris Kohan is joined by John Cohn, CEO of Agronomed Pharmaceuticals LLC / Agri-Kind LLC.

A Really Awesome Thing! - S2:E1

"Anything we can do within the rules to let people know how we do things, how we go about it, and to just get that experience of, uh, you know, from the grower standpoint, I think it's really a really awesome thing.” The Healing Center Co-Founder Chris Kohan chats with Brandon Miller, Senior Director of Production and Facilities for Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania, to kick off the Healing Hearts Podcast’s Grower/Processor series. In this episode, Brandon provides an inside look on creating more quality products during the pandemic.

Our Healing Journeys - Season 2 Trailer

In this second season of Healing Hearts, we continue our journey exploring the medical marijuana industry with a behind-the-scenes look at multiple grower/processor facilities. Here we will meet some of the wonderful people in Pennsylvania and beyond who provide their therapeutic medicine to the Healing Center, as well as hear their perspectives working in this exciting and fast-paced industry.

A Profound Impact - S2:E7

"When you hear about, you know, the amount of painkillers, some of these people were on and how cannabis has been able to help them alleviate and wean off of those items, um, really seeing the impact it's had on people's lives had my curiosity, uh, very high, you know, tied into the industry." Chris Kohan speaks with Members of Calypso: Client Services Manager Jen Weary-Irvin, and Sales Director Brandon Minnick.

Humbling Experience - S2:E5

"I think anybody who's ever worked with cannabis can tell you how humbling of a plant it is. I didn't have much experience with growing anything until I started here, but I will tell you, I was, I was shocked at how humbled you could be by one plant." Chris Kohan speaks with members of PennHealth: Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Savannah Alexyn, Lab Manager Nicole Perry, and Cultivation Manager Mark Haynie.

Fruits of Labor - S2:E2

"I am excited to say that we have just completed our phase two expansion of our cultivation facility. So we are definitely gearing up to see the fruits of that labor coming forward." Host Chris Kohan is joined by Jamie Apperson, Pennsylvania Account Manager for Grassroots Cannabis. Here Jamie delves into her “twist-of fate” story on how she started out in the medical cannabis industry and later expresses excitement with their new facility expansions.

A Lot of Heart - S2:E4

Episode Summary: "We have a lot of heart, a lot of desire to win and be the best. And to me that is something unique in any business and often can result in wondrous things." Chris Kohan is joined by Lewis Goldstein, Chief Marketing Officer and Kevin Sparks, Cultivation Manager, of INSA Medical Practice.

Keeping Up with Demand - S2:E3

“You know, whatever the reason may be, people are consuming a lot more cannabis these days. And so that creates, you know, good problems of trying to keep up with that demand even more so than we were even before coronavirus.” Chris Kohan is joined by Kobi Waldfogel, Director of Sales for Terrapin.

That Love and Healing - Season 1 Trailer

From overcoming fear to overcoming pain, this first season of the Healing Hearts Podcast is a journey through the lauded Pennsylvania medical marijuana program with The Healing Center as the tour guide.

The Guys Must Be Crazy! - S1:E1

"We might be crazy, but let's just keep doing it because we are having fun!" The Healing Center Co-Founders Chris Kohan and Jay Richards chat with host Mike Flick about the history and passion surrounding medical marijuana in Pennsylvania.

Is it Legal? - S1:E2

"Yes, dad. It's legal." The Healing Center is run as a pharmacy by pharmacists. Meet Michael Butler and Jill Zimbicki, the leaders of the Healing Center Patient Care Team as they tell their medical marijuana stories.

The Heal World - S1:E3

"Everything you ever learned about marijuana was wrong." Meet Patient Care Team pharmacists Alina Teplitskaya and Jennifer Krasnicki, who manage The Healing Center. They chat about their transitions from traditional pharmacy careers to medical cannabis treatment for PA patients.

Fear and Loving in Pittsburgh - S1:E4

"All decisions are made from two places, love or fear. That's it." The Healing Center connects with Compassionate Certification Centers founders Melonie Kotchey and Bryan Donner to learn about the patient-focused medical marijuana research study in Pennsylvania with Affinity Bio Partners and AI Health Outcomes (CannabotTM). Patients provided their feedback on varying parameters with results indicating 99.62% of patients surveyed were able to reduce symptoms using medical cannabis.

Growing Up in Pennsylvania - S1:E5

"You don't put anything in your body that you don't know what you are putting in. I like to make that joke, if the food just said 'meat?'" Meet growers/processors in the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program! The Healing Center chats with Gabe Perlow of PurePenn and Mike Bogniak of Liberty Holistic Farms about providing medicine grown exclusively in Pennsylvania for patients.

The Keys to Your Heart - S1:E6

"Each one of the different products we have on the shelf at the dispensary I look at as a different collection of keys and each of our bodies as a different collection of locks." Meet growers/processors in the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program! The Healing Center chats with Marisa Liuzzi of Ilera Healthcare and Eric Miller of Vireo Health about providing medicine grown exclusively in Pennsylvania for patients.

Come Out and Play - S1:E7

"If you could be one of your strains, which one would you be?" "Cherry Diesel, because I am a little bit sweet and not always sweet. Sour too!" Guests tell us their cannabis coming out stories and more!

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