The Healing Hearts Podcast was created by The Healing Center to provide education, innovation and information on Pennsylvania's medical marijuana program.

Guests on the show share their healing journeys in the medical marijuana industry as many overcome fear and years of chronic pain to not only help themselves, but help others along the way.


Host: Mike Flick, The Healing Center
Guests: Chris Kohan and Jay Richards, Co-Founders of The Healing Center; Michael Butler, General Manager - The Healing Center; Jill Zimbicki, Alina Teplitskaya and Jennifer Krasnicki, Pharmacists - The Healing Center; Melonie Kotchey, CEO - Compassionate Certification Centers; Gabe Perlow, PurePenn; Mike Bogniak, Liberty Holistic Farms; Eric Miller, Vireo Health; Marisa Liuzzi, Ilera Healthcare
Executive Producer: Lisa Craig, Marketing Director - The Healing Center
Editor: Nicholas Ruffolo, Center for Media Innovation

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