Our Healing Journeys - Season 2 Trailer

In this second season of Healing Hearts, we continue our journey exploring the medical marijuana industry with a behind-the-scenes look at multiple grower/processor facilities. Here we will meet some of the wonderful people in Pennsylvania and beyond who provide their therapeutic medicine to the Healing Center, as well as hear their perspectives working in this exciting and fast-paced industry.
Trailer Script:

Lisa Craig: Hello, and welcome to the Healing Hearts Podcast!

A decade ago in Pennsylvania … medical marijuana was just a dream … NOW, we are changing lives EVERY DAY at The Healing Center!

Chris Kohan: "Most of us, if you think back probably however many years, you don't imagine yourself necessarily being in this industry, but a lot of people do. I'd love to hear the stories, how everybody gets in, because they're all unique in their own way."

Jamie Apperson: "I wanted to do something in this industry to really be part of that experience and be part of educating everyone about the benefits of this great medicine."

Chris Kohan: "When you're doing something like this for the first time yourself, and you create a company, uh, it is challenging, but so rewarding."

Brandon Miller: "We're just trying to keep up with this high demand, and you know, refine our processes and innovate new screens and new products."

Brandon Minnick: "We're excited to bring more jobs to the area. You know, we're going to be able to have, you know, life sustaining wages, and we're going to be able to post a double our current employee accounts."

John Cohn: "We have been releasing new products pretty much every month for the past six months. And the feedback's been extremely positive."

Lisa Craig: We believe in healing with cannabis … we believe in helping patients … and we are passionate.

Chris Kohan: "We're all constantly trying to fine tune our processes so that we can be grow better medicine for the patients, distributed to them. And hopefully, you know, continue to make it as affordable as possible before them."

Savannah Alexyn: "I really value all of our patients' feedback. Good, bad, indifferent, whatever it is. I love to hear from them. I want to hear from them."

Brandon Minnick: "The feedback we get to hear from the patients every day is really what, what keeps you grounded and focused on the reasons why we're all in this business."

Lisa Craig: So … let’s share stories! Let’s heal hearts … with a little love and a little … THC. On the Healing Hearts Podcast.

Healing Hearts is presented by The Healing Center, voted "Pittsburgh's Best Dispensary." Healing Hearts is recorded at the Center for Media Innovation at Point Park University. More information is available at thehealingcenterusa.com.


Host Voice: Lisa Craig, Marketing Director - The Healing Center
Guest Voices: Chris Kohan, Co-Founder of The Healing Center; Jamie Apperson, Pennsylvania Account Manager - Grassroots Cannabis; Brandon Miller, Senior Director of Production and Facilities - Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania; Brandon Minnick, Sales Director - Calypso; John Cohn, CEO  - Agronomed Pharmaceuticals LLC / Agri-Kind LLC; Savannah Alexyn, Sales and Marketing Coordinator.
Editor: Olivia Valyo, Center for Media Innovation


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