Growing Up in Pennsylvania - S1:E5

"You don't put anything in your body that you don't know what you are putting in. I like to make that joke, if the food just said 'meat?'" Meet growers/processors in the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program! The Healing Center chats with Gabe Perlow of PurePenn and Mike Bogniak of Liberty Holistic Farms about providing medicine grown exclusively in Pennsylvania for patients.

  • Opening Quote: 
"You know on that packaging exactly what you have in that product. Everything. That's the biggest recommendation we give to anyone about anything in your life. You don't put anything in your body that you don't know what you are putting in."

"Just like knowing the ingredients of a recipe."

"Right. I like to make that joke, if the food just said 'meat?' (Laughs)"
  • "Welcome to Healing Hearts, a podcast created by The Healing Center, voted 'Pittsburgh's Best Dispensary.'"
  • Host Mike Flick introduces the episode and starts the conversation.


Host Mike Flick, The Healing Center Co-Founder Chris Kohan, General Manager Michael Butler and guests Gabe Perlow (PurePenn - McKeesport) and Michael Bogniak (Liberty Wellness/Holistic Industries - New Castle) chat about different products available from local growers in PA.

Segment 1 - Mike Flick, Chris Kohan and Michael Butler
  • Mike Flick starts the group in a short discussion about the history of grower/processors in Pennsylvania as they get ready to welcome the first guest of the show.
  • They point out that PA has one of the best medical marijuana programs in the country, largely due to the surge in quality grower/processors to keep the shelves full and fresh.
  • The Department of Health regulations on showing ingredients on the packaging leads to peace of mind when purchasing.
Segment 2 -  Mike Flick, Chris Kohan, Michael Butler and Gabe Perlow (Via Zoom)
  • Mike points out right away to Gabe that PurePenn is in McKeesport, right in The Healing Center's backyard.
  • He continues to say that having that local presence was huge in the location selection for PurePenn and he was able to bring Moxie products to the area via partnership.
  • Mike shares a cancer treatment success story with cannabis as a supplement to chemotherapy. The patient was given a death sentence and instead went on the make a full recovery.
  • He goes into more detail about the products at PurePenn.
  • The group shifts the conversations to terpenes (organic flavor/odor compounds) and how the ones used in medical marijuana flavors come straight from he plant itself. I.E. Mangoes.
  • Mike and Chris ask Gabe, "If you could be a strain, what strain would you be?"
  • Mike then asks Gabe for his message to patients out there listening to the podcast.
Segment 3 - Mike Flick, Chris Kohan, Michael Butler and Mike Bogniak (Via Zoom)
  • Mike Flick starts the questions for Bogniak just like Gabe, mentioning Liberty Holistic Farms' local roots in New Castle.
  • Flick then asks about Mike's products and what sets them apart from the other grower/processors.
  • However, Bogniak mentions that even though there is competition, all of the growers are one Pennsylvania family at the end of the day.
  • He also talks about how the medical marijuana success stories keep him going every day.
  • Mike asks Bogniak "If a patient was here right now, what is your message to them?"
  • The group then asks Bogniak, "If you could be a strain, what strain would you be?"


  • Host Mike Flick summarizes the episode and tosses to the outro, thanking the listeners for joining them.
  • "Healing Hearts is presented by The Healing Center, voted 'Pittsburgh's Best Dispensary.' Healing Hearts is recorded at the Center for Media Innovation at Point Park University. More information is available at"


Host: Mike Flick, The Healing Center
Guests: Chris Kohan, Co-Founder - The Healing Center; Michael Butler, General Manager - The Healing Center; Gabe Perlow, PurePenn; Mike Bogniak, Liberty Holistic Farms
Executive Producer: Lisa Craig, Marketing Director - The Healing Center
Editor: Nicholas Ruffolo, Center for Media Innovation

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